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X-Plane 11/12 Plugin and USB Drivers - Windows Installer
X-Plane 11/12 Plugin and USB Drivers - Windows Installer

Setup guide for installing the RealSimGear Plugin for all RealSimGear products on X-Plane 11 and Windows.

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NOTE: If you are planning to use Reality-XP for the GNS430/530 or GTN650/750, please ensure you have installed Reality-XP and loaded into your desired aircraft and configured it at least once. The RealSimGear installer below will handle hiding the bezel IF the proper Reality-XP .ini file is found.

NOTE 2: This installer is for Windows only. If you are using MacOS, you will need to use the instructions found HERE for MacOS.

RealSimGear Installer

The installer will perform a number of actions base on the product you select.  Note, you can select multiple products at once.

  • Copy the product specific bezel replacement files (to remove the bezel's on the GNS430/530 and G1000 displays).

  • If using Reality-XP, will prompt you to search for and modify the correct .ini files to hide the bezel for those products.

  • Will install the RealSimGear Plugin into ..\X-Plane\Resources\plugins\

  • Install the required Microsoft Redistributable's

  • Install the RealSimGear USB drivers

To use, simply download the executable via the black button below this text.

Click the button above will start a download of the RealSimGear_X-Plane_Installer.exe.  Once the download finishes, you will normally see it at the bottom of your browser where can normally click the file to start the install.  If not, you can also find it in your 'Downloads' folder, simply double click on it there to start the install.

When first starting the Installer, you will be presented with a User Account Control prompt.  You will need to allow the application to run.
Windows 10:

Please choose 'Yes' at this step to allow the Installer to run.

Windows 7:

Please choose 'Yes' at this step to allow the Installer to run.

Next up, the Welcome Screen, choose Next.

Review and accept the License Agreement ...

Choose the product(s) you are installing (you can choose more than 1 if you like) ...

** For any hardware not specifically listed, please choose 'RealSimGear Other Hardware'.

Choose your X-Plane 11 folder.  This is important as the install will fail if it does not find X-Plane at that location.  NOTE: You simply choose the base X-Plane 11 folder, do NOT choose the plugins folder or any other folder.

If you chose the GTN650/750 option, the installer will search for any aircraft that already have Reality-XP installed and configured and update the file to hide the Reality-XP bezel. If you do not want the installer to do this, simply choose "No" ...

Installer will automatically install the correct Microsoft Redistributables.  If you already have it installed, this will simply re-install.  

After the Microsoft Redistributables are installed, you may also get a number of black screens that will pop up while the installer installs the RealSimGear USB drivers.
If using Windows 7, you will be prompted to install each of the USB drivers.  For each, choose 'Install'.  You might also check the box to 'Always trust software from ...' to avoid being prompted in the future for any driver updates.

Once the drives install, setup is complete, you can choose to show the README for more information about the plugin, or visit the RealSimGear help site by clicking on the link ...

For more information on the X-Plane 11 Plugin interface please visit THIS article.

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