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Setup for Reality-XP for X-Plane 12 (and XP11)

This article describes the additional setup steps required in order for RealSimGear products to work with Reality-XP

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RealSimGear products work well with the following Reality-XP GTN and GNS products for X-Plane, and GNS products for P3D and FSX

After successfully installing the RealityXP software, you should see The RealityXP GTN or GNS in the plugins menu.

Step 1: Go to the plugins menu of XPlane 11 and select either the RealityXP GNS or GTN, depending on which hardware you have.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over GTN 1 or GNS 1. This will bring up a menu to configure the system you wish to control. Hovering over GTN 1/GNS 1 will control COM 1/ NAV1 functions. If you want to configure RealityXP to control COM 2/ NAV 2, you can select GTN 2 or GNS 2.

Step 3: In the example below, we are configuring the GTN 750. Click GTN 750 1 in the sub-menu. This should load the GTN750 gauge.

Step 4: In the GTN 750 1 submenu, click on "Popout window" this should add a border around the GPS gauge and now allow you to drag the window to the RealSimGear GPS device screen and maximize the window.

โ€‹Step 5: Close Xplane and run the RealSimGear Plugin installer. If you have already installed the RealSimGear plugin, rerun the installer file and follow the onscreen prompts. This will remove the bezel and finalize the connection between the RealityXP software and the RealSimGear hardware.

Step 6: After reinstalling the RealSimGear plugin, you can now load back into the aircraft and will need to "Enable GPS Simulator Commands"

Enter the settings menu as shown below and scroll down to the "Advanced Section," and expand the tree.


Note: The latest versions of our GNS and GTN firmware allow the user to select COM1 or COM2 in the RealSimGear Plugin interface. Selecting COM1 will effectively enable that unit to interface with whichever RXP device you have set up a #1. Same for selecting COM2; this will interface with the RXP device set as a #2. If you want more information on this selection feature, please refer to THIS article.

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