Last updated 10/13/20

RealSimGear products are now compatible with MSFS2020!

We have been working to improve our plugin and are excited to announce that we can now offer full functionality for our GNS products and almost 100% functionality for our G1000 based products.

RealSimGear is the first and only hardware to offer full compatibility with MSFS2020.

We have prepared the videos below that show the plugin in operation. The new beta version of our plugin is available for download now from our website.

The following products are now compatible with MSFS2020 with any aircraft that features a GNS (Cessna 172, Pipstrel Alpha, Cap 10, DA40-TDI) or G1000 panel (Cessna 172-G1000, Cessna 208, Beechcraft Baron & Bonanza, Diamond DA40-NG & DA62)

The following products are now mostly compatible with MSFS2020 and the included Cirrus SR22 aircraft (Premium Deluxe Version required). Note that the GCU keyboard and number pad functions are not yet supported in the MSFS2020 Cirrus SR22.

Our autopilot products (GFC500 and GFC700 will typically work fine for any aircraft that has an autopilot fitted.

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The RealSimGear Team

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