RealSimGear products work well with the following Reality-XP products for X-Plane, P3D and FSX

Please install and setup Reality-XP as per their instructions and consult the Reality-XP user guide for details on how to hide the bezel graphic.

In order for the RealSimGear device to interact with Reality-XP you need to change one setting within Reality-XP.  Go into the settings for the Reality-XP gauge, and under 'advanced', select the option to ‘Use simulator GPS commands’.

Be sure to do this for the correct device number.  This is especially important if you are using a GNS430 on NAV2, you must change this setting for the NAV2 Reality-XP device.

Note: By default, the RealSimGear GNS430 is configured to be NAV2.  If you wish to use this as NAV1, please email us for simple instructions on how to change this.

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