RealSimGear G500 Setup Guide For X-Plane

Set up your RealSimGear G500 Hardware for use with X-Plane 11 and 12

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Prepare your G500

  • Unbox your G500, setting aside the USB cable and 12 Volt DC Power Adapter.

  • Not included, but required for setup, is a high quality HDMI cable to run from your G500 to you PC. If your PC is lacking available HDMI connections, you can use and HDMI to DisplayPort cable, or consider purchasing the RealSimGear USB 3 to Dual HDMI Adapter.

  • If you are mounting the G500 in the RealSimGear G500 Display stand, please unpackage the display stand and set the screws, nuts, and rubber feet aside.

Unpackaged G500 and G500 Stand images here.

Assemble the RealSimGear G500 and Stand

  • Start by attaching the four adhesive backed rubber feet to the bottom of the G500 stand. Place one rubber foot at each of the four corners of the stand. These rubber feet will protect your desk from scratches and also prevent the stand from sliding around on your desk.

Image of rubber feet installed on the bottom of G500 stand here.

  • Next, place the G500 Display into the G500 stand. Due to the shape of the cutout the G500 will only fit into the stand in one orientation.

Image of G500 placed into stand.

  • Your G500 Stand will include four M4 screws with a 2.5mm hex key head, and four M4 nuts to secure the G500 Display into the stand. Using one screw and one nut per corner, fasten the G500 to the stand. Do not over tighten the screws or you will risk damaging the display bezel.

Image showing screw and nut being installed on one corner of the G500, plus, one image of the G500 and Stand fully assembled.

Setting up the RealSimGear X-Plane Plugin

If this is your first RealSimGear hardware purchase please follow the steps below for setting up the X-Plane 11 and/or X-Plane 12 Plugin.

If you already own and use other RealSimGear hardware and you are adding this device to your simulator, you will already have the X-Plane plugin installed. Please proceed to: Connecting the G500 to your PC

Installing the X-Plane Plugin

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