RealSimGear G3X Setup Guide for MSFS

Instructions for setting up the RealSimGear G3X with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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The RealSimGear G3X is our newest solution to those of you who fly kit, light-sport or bush aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and are looking for a high fidelity way to control your integrated avionics. Designed to replicate a Garmin G3X GDU-460, the RealSimGear G3X features a 10.1 inch touch screen display, accurate rubber back-lit buttons and our new Garmin replica knobs, it is certain to make an excellent addition to your desktop avionics or custom panel.

Note: A large portion of this setup article utilizes the instructional videos publish by Chance from RealSimGear. This video will cover all aspects of setting up the device in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Warning: The RealSimGear G3X does not contain avionics. You will be using the G3X simulation provided by Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If your desired aircraft does not have a G3X, you will not be able to utilize the RealSimGear G3X.

Package Inclusions

The RealSimGear G3X package includes the following components.

  • One: RealSimGear G3X Touch display

  • One: USB Type A to Type B cable

  • One: 12V 2.0 Amp DC Power Adapter with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector. (North America socket pattern)

  • Four: M4 x 30mm Mounting Screws

  • Four: M4 Nuts

  • One: Quick Start Guide reference card.

Assembling the G3X into the Optional G3X/G500 Desktop Stand

Place the RealSimGear G3X into the desktop stand, with the knobs and buttons oriented toward the bottom. The device will only fit in one direction.

Insert the four M4 x 30mm socket head screws into the four mounting holes of the front corners of the bezel.

From the back of the G3X stand, install and tighten the four M4 nuts onto the four screws inserted in the previous step. The M4 Screws use a 2.5mm hex key. The M4 nuts require a 7mm socket or pliers to tighten. Do not overtighten the screws.

Follow our instructional video for the remaining steps to setting up your RealSimGear G3X

Instructional Video

Download the RealSimGear Device Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Please use the following link to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Downloads page to get your Device Interface and Command Mapping files:

MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager

Note: You must use the MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager program with the RealSimGear G3X. At the present time, this program is the only way to enable touch screen support for the avionics displays in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

A detail setup guide is included at the button link below.

Which GTN Software should I use with the RealSimGear G3X?

Many aircraft using a G3X will have either a GTN650 or GTN750 as a primary method of navigation in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The real G3X is designed to be used with an external navigation unit in most aircraft. Many third party aircraft for MSFS will include one of these units in the cockpit. If you wish to use your RealSimGear GTN650/750 with your G3X equipped aircraft you will need to decide which GTN avionics you want to use.

There are two GTN avionics packages available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

PMS50 GTN: Available as a free or subscription based version
TDS Simulations GTNXi: Available as a one time purchase.

At the present time we highly recommend using the PMS50 GTN software with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 G3X/GTN equipped aircraft. Programming and managing your flight using the PMS50 GTN will allow all of your flight plan data to instantly transfer to the Microsoft Flight Simulator G3X avionics as it uses the built in flight planning system of MSFS. With the additional features offered by the PMS50 GTN the combination, coupled with the G3X, this will greatly enhance your flight experience.

Note: You can use the TDS Simulation GTNXi as well. Due to the TDS GTNXi using an external application to model the GTN avionics, only the active leg of your flight plan will be automatically displayed on the G3X.

G3X Compatible Aircraft

The following list contains current G3X equipped aircraft for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Default MSFS G3X Aircraft:
Cubcrafters XCub: Tailwheel, Skis, Floats
Cubcrafters NXCub
King Air 350
Volcicopter VeloCity

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