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RealSimGear BATD Documentation

Documentation for the RealSimGear BATD Systems

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The documentation linked below covers the RealSimGear BATD Systems:

  • RSG-BG1 - Cessna 172/182, Piper Archer, Diamond DA40NG, Diamond DA50, and Mooney Oviation III aircraft

  • RSG-CG1 - Cirrus Console based systems for Cirrus SR20/22 aircraft

  • RSG-CC1 - Cirrus Cockpit based systems for Cirrus SR20/22 aircraft


The FAA requires that this documentation is kept near the training systems when being used for approved training (logging time). RealSimGear provides two places for this:

  • Hard copy binder

  • FAA Documentation folder on Desktop

If either of these locations contain older versions of the documents, please update them accordingly.

For information on how to log time while using a simulator, please see this document:

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