Start X-Plane, select Settings, then select the Graphics Tab.
 • To navigate your target displays into view... (G1000, G5, G500, or SAM Backup Display) You will need to first use the vertical scroll bar on the right of the screen ~ drag all the way to the bottom to reveal the horizontal scroll bar. Then use the horizontal scroll bar to move the screen to the desired position then the vertical scroll bar back up until the displays are in view. You may need to go back and forth a few times.

If you get disoriented exit the sim and right-click the desktop and choose Display settings.
In the following example the RSG displays are set to the right of the primary display, so dragging the horizontal scroll bar to the right and the vertical scroll bar back up will reveal the PFD, MFD and SAM backup display(s( (5,6, and 7).

Make a mental note of the layout before returning to the sim settings, Graphics tab.
Once you have the cockpit displays in view click the black dropdown where it reads "Unused" and select "2D Panel Only" for the necessary displays.
Click Done to exit.

** It is important that the RSG Displays are set to their native resolutions for the 2D Panel Only setting to work properly.**

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