Configure the display.

After making the necessary cable connections:

• Right-click a blank area of the desktop and choose "Display settings".
• Make sure the (GTN750) display is set to "Portrait (Flipped)" mode and that the 750, 650 and/or G500 are configured to "Extend these displays."

The RSG display should now show the Windows desktop background.

Configure the TouchScreen

• We need to tell Windows which display is associated with the touch screen.
Open the Windows Control Panel - you can use the Windows logo key to bring up the search bar - type "Control Panel" and then click to open.

• Select "Hardware and Sound"

• Select "Tablet PC Settings"

• Click the Setup button.

• The following screen will appear on your primary screen...

Note: When the above image appears on your primary display, it is very important to not touch any of your RealSimGear touch screen devices. Doing so will prevent proper mapping of your touch enabled devices.

Follow the on-screen instructions: If the displayed image above is shown on a display that is not a touch enabled device, press ENTER on your keyboard.

  • Continue to press ENTER until the white touch mapping window appears on your touch display(s).

  • When your touch enabled device shows the mapping window on the display, touch the screen once.

  • Continue this process until all touch displays are mapped. If you make a mistake you can run the setup process again until all touch screens are mapped.

  • When all displays are mapped the white mapping window will disappear and your normal window desktop will return.

Your touchscreen is now ready to use.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Users

Touch screen control with a community mod.

Currently, while Asobo continue to implement new features, the one feature that is still lacking is native touch screen support. That means that until Asobo implement it, any touch screen will need a community mod to properly function in MSFS.

If wish to automate the process of popping out the avionics in MSFS and/or you wish to use your touch enabled devices such as the RealSimGear GTN750/650 or G500 you will need a free community mod: MSFS Popout Panel Manager

With the MSFS Popout Panel Manager you can have the mod automatically select, pop out, move, and make full screen all of the avionics in use with your RealSimGear hardware. Additionally this is the only way, presently, to use touch screen devices in MSFS until Asobo implement them in a future update.

You can get the most current release of the mod by hawkeye-stan directly from the authors GitHub page HERE

More information, including set-up guides, tutorial videos, and a link to the forum discussion on the mod is available at the mod's link HERE

*Note: While we have fully tested the implementation and functionality of the mod, and confirm its compatibility with our devices, RealSimGear will not provide support for direct issues with the mod. This is to be done with the mod author through his discussion forum.

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