RealSimGear Touch Screen Setup

Instructions for setting up a Touch Screen with Windows Tablet PC Settings for all touch screen devices purchased from Sep 2022 to present.

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Configure the Display:

  • After making the necessary cable connections (USB, HDMI, and DC power):

  • Right-click a blank area of the desktop and choose "Display settings".

  • Set the display to its native resolution, noted by the (Recommended) option in the dropdown menu.

  • In Windows 10: Under the Multiple Displays Section, your GTN750/650, G500 and G3X need to be configured to "Extend these displays".

  • In Windows 11: Select the additional display(s), and use the dropdown menu next to the "Identify" button, then choose "Extend these displays". Click Apply if prompted by Windows.

  • For the GTN750 only: Ensure the display is set to "Portrait (Flipped)" mode.

  • The RealSimGear display should now show the Windows desktop background.

Configure the Touch Screen:

  • We need to tell Windows which display is associated with the touch screen.
    Open the Windows Control Panel - you can use the Windows logo key to bring up the search bar - type "Control Panel" and then click to open.

  • Select "Hardware and Sound"

  • Select "Tablet PC Settings"

Note Regarding Tablet PC Settings:

In some cases, Windows Tablet PC Settings may be missing from your Windows Control Panel, this is common on Windows 11. You can easily add an application shortcut to your desktop for direct access to Tablet PC Settings by following the simple steps below:

  1. Right click or press and hold on an empty area on your desktop, and click/tap on New and Shortcut.

  2. Copy and paste the location below into the location box, and click on the Next button. (See screenshot below)

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{80F3F1D5-FECA-45F3-BC32-752C152E456E}

  • Type: Tablet PC Settings for the name, and click/tap on the Finish button.

Configure the Touch Screen, Continued:

• In the Tablet PC Settings menu, Click the Setup button.

• All of your connected displays will turn white and the following screen will appear on your primary screen:

Note: When the above image appears on your primary display, it is very important: DO NOT TOUCH any of your RealSimGear touch screen devices, yet. Doing so will prevent proper mapping of your touch enabled devices.

Follow the on-screen instructions: If the displayed image above is shown on a display that is not a touch enabled device, press ENTER on your keyboard.

  • Continue to press ENTER until the white touch mapping window (shown in the image above) appears on your touch display(s).

  • When your touch enabled device shows the mapping window on the display, touch the screen once.

  • Continue this process until all touch displays are mapped. If you make a mistake you can run the setup process again until all touch screens are mapped.

  • When all displays are mapped the white mapping window will disappear and your normal window desktop will return.

Finalize your Touch Screen Settings in Windows Pen and Touch:

The last step is to ensure that the proper mouse functions are transferred from your touch screen to Windows. This requires disabling the long press (right-click) function on the touch screens. If you do not disable this function, unwanted controls can be passed from the touch screen to the simulator.

Note: Pen and Touch Menu will only be available once you have activated a touch screen device.

  • From the Windows Control Panel, open the Pen and Touch menu:

  • Click and highlight "Press and Hold: Right Click", then click the "Settings" button.

  • Uncheck the box next to: "Enable press and hold for right-clicking", then, click the OK button.

  • With the press and hold box unchecked, the options for Right-Click and Press and hold will be disabled in Windows until you turn them back on. This will prevent you from accidentally moving your touch screen pop out or activating a view control mode in X-Plane.

  • Your Touch Screen Setup process is now complete.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Users

Touch screen control with MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager.

Currently, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 does not have a method for direct manipulation of touch screen devices for it's avionics. This will effect your ability to control the G3000 GTC's, GTN 750/650, and G3X avionics in the simulator with your touch screen device.

Fortunately, a community member has stepped in, providing a free to use application for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which will allow you direct control of touch enabled avionics. This program is: MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager

With the MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager you can have the mod automatically select, pop out, move, and make full screen all of the avionics in use with your RealSimGear hardware, this includes the G1000. Additionally this is the only way, presently, to use touch screen devices in MSFS until Asobo implements the feature.

  • You can get the most current release of the mod by hawkeye-stan directly from the authors GitHub page HERE

  • Support for the application is provided by the author on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums HERE

*Note: While we have fully tested the implementation and functionality of the mod, and confirm its compatibility with our devices, RealSimGear will not provide support for direct issues with the mod. This is to be done with the mod author through his discussion forum.

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