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G5 / G500 Installation into other Aircraft.

This is how to use the G5 or G500 Aircraft installer to install the RSG G5 software into other aircraft.

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*The process outlines the G5 but the G500 installer behaves the same way.

• Open the X-Plane 11 main folder and double-click the G5 Aircraft Installer folder.

• Double click to run the G5-windows-x64-installer.exe.
• Click Next to continue then OK to bring up the AIrcraft folder selection screen.

• Click the folder Icon. Then browse to your desired aircraft folder, and click on that target aircraft's folder and click OK.

The G5 is installing...

The installer has completed. Your RSG G5 software is now installed into the target aircraft.
**If you purchased the RSG G5 hardware bezel, make sure to set the G5 display(s) to 2D Panel Only and the G5 graphics will auto-populate the G5 displays.**

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