RSG PC Recommended X-Plane 11 Settings

These are the recommended graphics settings for use with the X-Force PC sold by RealSimGear.

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The X-force PC shipped with our products is outfitted with 10900K or 11900K CPU along with the GeForce RTX 3070. These are the recommended X-Plane sliders and settings for X-Plane 11 and this system spec.

• For one 4K display, these settings are the recommended starting point for good performance with X-Plane 11 out of the box.

•• Most likely Reflection detail can run Max on one 4K display depending on the Refresh Rate, but this is a good starting point for 60 Hz. At 120 Hz start with these sliders then add Max reflection as determined by the performance. Be careful with adding any more Antialiasing here as it has a major impact on FPS in 4k.

• Using triple 4K displays is a huge undertaking for even the most expensive cards. Here is a starting point using triple 4ks:

•• We are drawing 3 times the pixels and objects. AA is even more crucial with triple displays- adjust with care.

• If one 1080P display is used:

•• With the 10900K or 11900K CPU Objects and Reflections can normally be set to Max in this case. AA can be more aggressive and in some cases set to Max as well. Try these settings first.

Triple 1080P Displays:

•• Start with Low Reflections and Objects to High. Bring AA back to 4x SSAA+FXAA 8x to start with. This is the baseline. Most likely Objects and Reflections can be increased at the user's discretion.

** The"Draw parked aircraft" checkbox and other sliders should be adjusted only after the performance has been reviewed by flying in heavy weather.**

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