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How to install the G500 into any aircraft.

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Purchase and download the G500 software installer from your account @
• Double-click and follow the instructions to install the C172 G500 aircraft and it will also install the "G500 Aircraft Installer" that will now be located inside your main X-plane 11 folder.

• Open the Aircraft installer folder and double-click the G500-windows-x64- installer.exe to run the app.

• Click next to proceed.

• Click OK to proceed.

** In this example N:\ is the directory X-Plane 11 is installed. Yours could be different, most likely C:\ X-Plane 11, C:\User\[your username]\Desktop\X-Plane 11, or another drive letter. **
• Click the folder icon to advance to the Aircraft folder selection.

• Follow the prompts to the target aircraft folder.

Once the target folder is selected click NEXT.


The installer is complete.

Click OK to exit the installer.

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