** As MSFS continues to update more sim functionality becomes available to third-party developers. For a continually updated list of RealSimGear products in use with MSFS and the latest news click on this link.
Before continuing with this article it is necessary to have our RSG MSFS Addon installed. This link provides all of the information on how the Addon works along with installation instructions. **

Currently, our GTN 750 is compatible with the PMS750 (G1000 mods)- here is an excerpt from the PMS50 documentation: I strongly recommend reading the documentation in its entirety. We do not support software issues with the PMS50 installation process.

• "MSFS G1000 Aircraft packages The GTN750 can be used as an MFD replacement of the following MSFS aircraft: C172 DA40NG DA40NGX (DA40NX with DA40NGX MOD) DA62 DA62X (DA62 with DA62X MOD) G36 Grand Caravan G58 (no GNT sound) Carenado C182T (no GTN sound) SR22 (no GTN sound) You can get the packages for the compatible aircraft from here. Copy one or several of these packages into your community folder for the aircraft you want to use (and restart the game). " If you choose to use one of the mods then this RSG CommandMapping.ini file is placed in the "..\Community\RealSimGear\bin" folder.


• if you choose to purchase either the Just Flight Arrow III or Carenado M20 from the marketplace, these aircraft come with the PMS50 GTN(s) embedded in the virtual dashboard. The Arrow III includes both the 650 and 750 while the M20 provides the 750. If you choose either of these aircraft download this RSG ComandMapping.ini file and place it in the "..\Community\RealSimGear\bin" folder. Very much a simpler option without any manual installation.

You may also purchase the TDS sim GTNXi version of the software from here.
You will need to follow the TDS instructions on how to download and install the product. Follow directions for the first run of the product. You will just need to install this RSG Command Mapping file into the ...Community\RealSimGear\bin folder.

**Note for all of these options the RSG 650/750 touchscreens must be set to Mouse Emulation - at default, they are set to Pen Touch Input
This is the procedure:

Right-click the Pen Mount in the system tray and select Control Panel. (
Alternatively, you can type the Windows logo key and search the Apps for "Pen Mount")

Right-click the PM icon to choose Control Panel.

Click the device to configure (if you have both 650 and 750 - do one then repeat this process for the 2nd device) then click Configure.

Click the Setting tab • Next to Operation Mode click the dropdown menu and select "Mouse Emulation"

Then click OK to exit.

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