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RealSimGear Touch Screen Setup for Legacy Devices
RealSimGear Touch Screen Setup for Legacy Devices

Setting up RealSimGear Generation 1 touch screen devices using the PenMount Control Software.

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Generation 1 Touch Screens:

Prior to September 2022, RealSimGear GTN 750 and GTN 650 devices used a resistive touch screen to control the touch interface. These units were easily distinguishable by a 6-8 inch (150-200mm) hard-wired USB connection attached to the device and exiting the rear housing. This type of touch screen is not capable of using the built in touch screen functions of Windows and must use the PenMount Control Software.

PenMount Control Software:

PenMount Control Software can be installed in one of two methods:

  1. Provided in the RealSimGear Plugin Installer as "Optional Touch Screen Drivers"

  2. Stand-alone software installer available here: PenMount Control Software.

If you need to install this software for your RealSimGear Legacy Devices, please follow the on screen instructions for the installer before configuring your legacy touch screen.

Configure the PenMount Touch Screen:

  • Right-click the PenMount Icon in the system tray and select Control Panel. (alternatively, you can use the Windows search function and search the Apps for "PenMount")

  • Right-click the PM icon to choose Control Panel.

  • Click the device to configure (if you have both 650 and 750 - do one then repeat this process for the 2nd device) then click Configure.

  • Click the Setting tab

  • Next to Operation Mode: click the dropdown menu and select "Mouse Emulation"

  • Your PenMount Control Software configuration is complete, click OK to exit.

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