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Assembly Guide for Cirrus Console (BATD and Non-BATD versions)
Assembly Guide for Cirrus Console (BATD and Non-BATD versions)

This article covers the initial assembly process for both the RealSimGear Cirrus Console BATD and regular desktop versions.

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Thank you for purchasing the RealSimGear Cirrus Console BATD or the Cirrus Desktop Console. This article will cover the initial unpacking and assembly process.

Either console will be shipped in a single box and will require some basic assembly before use. Open the box and remove the binder, accessory box, and reversionary button unit (BATD only). Note that the G1000 PFD/MFD and their stands are located under the main unit.

• Remove the white padding that covers the x 3 cable bundles by cutting away the zip ties.

• Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the x 8 silver screws from the top of the console.

• Unpack the x2 G1000 PFD/MFD stands and secure them in place with the x 8 screws.

• Unpack the G1000 PFD/MFD from their boxes and place them in the stands, secure in place with the M3 screws includes in the G1000 boxes. Note these units are the same and are interchangeable.

(For BATD Only, Desktop Console skip this step).
• Take the Display Backup Button unit and loosen the x2 screws to remove the back housing. Connect the 3 wire grey cable to the socket.

• Position the front half of the display backup button unit in between the PFD and MFD, then fix the back cover in place using the x2 screws. Be sure to place the grey cable in the slot of the back cover before fixing the screws. This will clamp the display backup button unit in place.

• Remove the GCU stack from its packaging, feed the x 3 USB cables coming from the front of the console through the rectangular cutout, and connect to the x 3 USB sockets. It does not matter which cable is connected where.

• Fix the GCU bracket to the console via the top x 2 pins and keyhole-shaped slots. Push down to lock into place.

• Unpack the power supply and USB3 cable from the accessory box, connect to the back of the console. Connect the USB3 cable to an available USB3 (BLUE port) on the PC, connect the power pack to a power outlet.

The system is now fully assembled.

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