Setup Guide for RealSimGear Entegra XFD

The article covers the setup process for the RealSimGear Entegra XFD module.

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Package Inclusions

The Entegra XFD includes the following components.

  • x1 Entegra XFD Unit

  • x1 USB cable

  • x1 power pack

  • x4 mounting screws

Mounting Instructions

If you purchased the optional desktop stand, the Entegra XFD module is secured using the x4 included screws and bolts. Insert the Entegra XFD into the desktop stand from the front, then insert the screws from the front also. Secure by installing the nuts from the back.

Install the RealSimGear Plugin

NOTE: Even if you already have the RealSimGear plugin installed, please download the latest one below as the SR22/SR20 requires the latest version in order for full functionality with our hardware.

Install the TorqueSim SR Entegra Edition Aircraft

If you have not done so already, download and install the TorqueSim SR20 or SR22 Entegra edition aircraft from X-Aviation.

Check that you have the correct CommandMapping.ini files for the autopilot version you wish to use. This will replace the CommandMapping.ini file included in the "X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\TorqueSim SR20" folder.

Connect the Cables

Connect the USB, power and HDMI cables to your PC.

Configure the Displays

Go to the Windows display settings, and position your PFD and MFD displays to the right of your primary display.

Next, open up X-Plane 11 and navigate to the Settings page and go to Graphics. Using the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the page find the x2 Entegra displays and set both of them to "2-D Panel Only" by clicking the drop down menu.

Now start a new flight and select the SR20/22 Entegra edition aircraft. Once the aircraft loads, the PFD and MFD will automatically populate with their respective images. If these appear wrong and need to be swapped over, right click at the bottom right of the PFD or MFD screen, your mouse poin

The first time you start the aircraft, you may need to tell the RealSimGear plugin to re-scan and find your new hardware. Go to 'Plugins -> RealSimGear Device Interface -> Connected Hardware'

Click the 'Rescan' button, both Entegra units should appeal.

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