RealSimGear has released a new utility, the RealSimGear Firmware Utility, that can be used to more easily update firmware on all RealSimGear hardware devices.

Download and Install the Firmware Utility

1. Download Installer from HERE

2. Install the utility to your PC by double clicking on the "RealSimGear_Firmware_Utility_Installer.exe" file which will start the installer.

5. Choose the location you want to install the utility folder. Typically this works best when simply placed on your "Desktop", but feel free to place it where you please, just remember where you put it.

6. The installer will create a folder in the install location called "RealSimGear Firmware Utility". Click "Next" when it finishes copying.

7. If you want to start the utility right after install, check the box and click "Finish". Otherwise, just click "Finish".

Using the Firmware Utility

NOTE: Please ensure any flight sim programs are closed prior to running the utility.

To use the new RealSimGear Firmware Update Utility, follow these instructions

1. Find the "RealSimGear Firmware Utility" folder where you saved it above, open this folder and you will find the "RealSimGear Firmware Utility.exe" file. Double click on that file to start the application.

2. The Firmware Utility will perform a background check to see if there is a newer version of the utility. If so, it will ask you if you want to update. If you choose "Yes", the utility will update and apply the update, then re-start the utility.

3. Once the utility starts, it will first do a scan across all COM ports to find all the RealSimGear hardware.

4. After the scan finishes, you should see all of your RealSimGear hardware devices in the list. It will also check if any updated firmware is available.

  • Auto-Update - If you select this button, the utility will download the latest firmware from the web and automatically update that particular hardware device.

  • Manual Update - Allows you to manually select a firmware version to use (see below)

  • Update All - If you select this button, the utility will download the latest firmware from the web, for ALL devices that are showing with "Update available" and then automatically update each of those devices.

  • Re-Scan - If for some reason your device is not shown in the list after the initial scan, you can hit the "Re-Scan" button to force the utility to scan again.

  • Exit - Exits the utility.

5. In most cases, a user will choose the "Update All" button. You will be presented with a confirmation on this, please choose "Yes".

Note: If you have G1000 units that are Generation 1 (they have two USB ports instead of 1 USB port for Gen2 onwards), you will need to check the "My G1000 units are Gen1" checkbox prior to updating your firmware. This will cause Gen1 firmware to be loaded on your G1000 units.

6. Once the updates are complete, another scan happens, which should show all devices now on "Current version installed".

Manual Update

The RealSimGear Firmware Utility can also be used to manually update hardware in the case you need to load an alternate or older firmware. You will have to have downloaded the firmware you are wanting to load, and saved it to a location you can choose later. For reference, older RealSimGear firmware can be found HERE.

1. Select the "Manual Update" button

2. Select the hardware device you are trying to update "it should match what is already shown in the "Device" column.

2. Select the firmware that was downloaded for this device.

3. The utility will update that selected device with the selected firmware. Note if you installed a version of firmware that is older than the latest, that device will then show up as "Update Available" once your manual update is finished.

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