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Setup Guide for RealSimGear Cirrus Console
Setup Guide for RealSimGear Cirrus Console

This article covers the setup process for the RealSimGear Cirrus Console Package

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Before connecting your hardware, please download and install the latest RealSimGear plugin for X-Plane 11 using the link below

It's also recommended that you update to the latest firmware for the RealSimGear hardware components. Please see instructions here.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Console is designed to work with the RealSimGear / TorqueSim SR22 Collection. If you have not already done so, please download and install this.

Hardware Assembly

The RealSimGear Cirrus Console Package includes the following items.

  • Assembled Cirrus Console and GCU Stack

  • x2 G1000 XFD units (one for the PFD and one for the MFD)

  • x2 XFD mounting brackets

  • Screw Kit

  • USB3 Cable

  • Power Pack

Secure the PFD and MFD into the mounting brackets using the M3 self tapping screws provided.

Secure each PFD and MFD bracket to the top of the console using x4 M4 screws provided.

The console will have two cable assemblies coming from the hole in the top, one set is for the PFD and one set is for the MFD. It does not matter which cable set is connected to the PFD/MFD. Connect the power, HDMI and USB cable to the PFD and MFD units.

Position the console on your desk and connect the USB3 cable to the back of the console, connect the other end to an available USB3 port on your PC. Note a USB3 port will be a blue or red in color.

Connect the provided power pack to the back of the console and then to an available power outlet.

Monitor Configuration (older G1000 units only)

With the console connected to your PC and powered up you should see your Windows desktop background on each of the PFD and MFD screens. If your background looks inverted you will need to change the display to 'Landscape - Flipped' in the Windows display settings, or set Rotation to 180 degree in Mac display settings. Note this step is not required for newer model G1000 PFD/MFD units.

Initial Configuration

Start X-Plane 11 and load the Cirrus SR22 aircraft. Now complete the screen setup process outlined in the guide below.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

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