RealSimGear products work well with the following Reality-XP products for X-Plane, P3D and FSX

After a successful install of the RealityXP software, you should now see The RealityXP GTN or GNS in the add-ons menu.

Step 1: Go to the addons menu of FSX/P3D and select either the RealityXP GNS or GTN depending on which hardware you have.

Step 2: Hovering your mouse over RealityXP GTN or RealityXP GNS will give you an option to click on "Setup Aircraft".

Step 3: After clicking on "Setup Aircraft" select the "Configure Reality XP GTN/GNS Popup Windows"

Step 4: You will then have a configuration drop down window. Select "One Window" if you are configuring a single unit like the GNS530 or select "two windows" if you are setting up a bundle product like our GNS530 + GNS430 bundle package.

This will then enable a 2nd dropdown menu allowing you to select which device you are configuring. Click on the device that corresponds with your RealSimGear hardware. If you have the RealSimGear GTN750, click on the GTN 750.

Step 5: You will then see a plus sign that says "Advanced Options" click on this and check the box that says "No Bezel" and press "Review" at the bottom right of the window. Then, press accept.

Step 6: Close FSX/P3D and run the RealSimGear Plugin installer. If you have already installed the RealSimGear plugin simply rerun the installer file and follow the onscreen prompts as this will remove the bezel and finalize the connection between the RealityXP software and the RealSimGear hardware.

Step 7 (FSX only): Reopen FSX and load into the aircraft you were initially in. At the top menu, click on Views --> Instrument Panel and click on the "Reality XP ___ Unit 1 (managed)" This should then open the window.

Step 8: Reopen the simulator and load into the the aircraft you were initially in. Right click on the very edge of the RealityXP window and click "Undock" window and drag the window to the Realsimgear monitor.

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The video below shows the setup process for the RealityXP GNS system with our GNS 530+430 bundle.

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