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Recommended Monitor Configurations

This article covers some of the more popular monitor configurations used with flight simulation and RealSimGear hardware

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With much of your primary flight instruments and navigation equipment moved to their own dedicated RealSimGear device you now have the freedom to re-configure your primary display to show a much more immersive view outside of the aircraft. Here we will will cover some of the common ways to configure the primary display.

Single PC Monitor

If your goal is primarily IFR procedural training, then all you really need is a single monitor to show you the view directly ahead of the aircraft. This can be the monitor you regularly use with your PC. There are a couple of things to consider. First, what style of desk are you using and how adjustable is the position of your PC monitor? You may want to be able to raise or lower the monitor if you are using a G1000 setup. Many people choose to mount their PC monitor using an adjustable monitor arm to make this easy. If your sim setup shares a desk with your regular PC, this option is usually best.

Single Large Screen TV

If you have a dedicated desk for your flight sim you might consider using a single large screen TV. Not only does this provide you with significantly more real estate to show the view outside, TV's are typically a lot cheaper than large PC monitors. For example, you can purchase a 50" 4K TV for under $300. The other bonus is that the TV will include built in speakers meaning you don't need to worry about an additional speaker system that is normally required when using PC monitors.

Single Curved PC Monitor

The emergence of ultra wide, curved PC gaming monitors has provided an option that really increases the level of immersion that is possible with a single screen. With some manipulation of the simulator view setting and in particular the field of view (FOV) it is possible to create a great wrap around effect. One thing to keep in mind with this screen choice is that even though the monitor is very wide, it's not very tall so a lot of the screen can be obscured by RealSimGear panels sitting at the front of your desk. To address this, you will likely need to sit the monitor on a riser stand of around 6" or 150mm in height, possibly higher if using a taller panel.

Triple Monitors or TV's

If you are looking for more of a visual element in your sim flying, a triple monitor wrap around setup is very much worth considering. One thing that is difficult to replicate in sim is the quick glance left or right to know when you are abeam the numbers and it's time to commence your descent. Yes, it is possible to map a button or yoke hat switch to do this glance, but it's much more realistic to just turn your head and look out the left or right side window. The level of wrap around you can achieve is usually limited by how much space you have to dedicate to your sim. If you have the room, a full 90 degree wrap around with three monitors is a great option.

A variation of the triple monitor approach that provides the ultimate in immersion is one made popular by 'On the Glideslope'. This uses a short throw projector for the main screen, along with two 40" TV's for the side windows.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, we are happy to help with customized recommendations.

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