The following configuration is what we currently recommend for Civil Air Patrol Squadrons who operate the Cessna 182 aircraft with G1000 avionics.


Panel Options

There are other options available for the panel to mount everything into.

  • Flight Velocity G1000 Panel - $199.99
    Made from ABS plastic, this panel provides a low cost way to mount the RealSimGear G1000 and Honeycomb yoke.

  • StayLevelAvionix Glass Cockpit Panel - $949
    Made from powder coated steel this high end panel provides a stable platform to mount the RealSimGear G1000 Suite and yoke. This option does not need the yoke to be secured to the desktop.

What PC should I get?

Most PC’s will run X-Plane 11, it just depends what visual quality settings you are looking to use. If you want to have very realistic graphics with smooth performance (known as high frame rate or FPS) then you will need a more powerful PC. If this isn’t so important and you are mainly looking for IFR procedural practice then it’s totally fine to dial back the settings to their minimum and use a fairly basic PC or laptop.

With any of the above systems you will get effective practice at home to supplement your real world flight training. Please contact us should you have any further questions or would like us to customize a package for you.

What Monitor Should I get?

This choice also depends on the primary objective for your flight simulator. If you are mainly interested in practicing IFR procedures or using your simulator to learn the G1000 system then a single PC monitor (24-27”) will be fine. This can be upgraded or swapped out for a 40-55” TV as they are often available for a similar price as a much smaller PC monitor. A popular option is the one included in the package above, which is an ultra-wide curved display. Another popular option is a triple screen display which greatly improves immersion and helps for visual flying practice such as pattern work, landings etc.

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