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Realistic Cirrus SR22 Simulator
Realistic Cirrus SR22 Simulator

Here we cover the details of how to build a realistic Cirrus SR22 home simulator.

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The Cirrus SR22 and SR20 is an extremely capable and popular general aviation aircraft that is also seeing increased use as a training platform for several airlines around the world.  The Perspective avionics system is reasonably complex to master, and that's where a realistic home simulator can provide a lot of benefits.  This allows you to practice at home and gain familiarity with how the Garmin Perspective system operates.  Having the real knobs and buttons allow you to develop muscle memory so your cockpit flows can also be replicated at home.

Here we are going to cover all the items you need in order to set up an effective Cirrus SR22 simulator at home.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package provides all the main avionics components you need.  This works with a standard yoke and throttle unit and easily mounts to your desktop.  The photo below shows the package mounted to a Logitech Yoke.  The Logitech throttle is fitted to the bottom of the GCU bracket.

This arrangement is important because it places all the components in the correct position so that you can reproduce your cockpit flow patterns.  In this example, the operation of the fuel boost pump, fuel tank switch, and flaps control is achieved by using the buttons on the front of the Logitech throttle unit.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package can also be used with the Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Logitech Throttle unit.  The advantage of this yoke is that it provides the master, avionics, and lights switches along with a magneto switch which helps with completing the engine start checklist.  

There are some choices available when selecting a simulator and software to use alongside the avionics hardware.  By far the most simple and realistic option is the RealSimGear-TorqueSim SR22 G3 GTS for X-Plane 11.  This offers a very realistic simulation of the Perspective avionics system, along with a very comprehensive engine and flight model.  This is designed specifically to work with RealSimGear hardware, is pre-configured, and is ready to go.

Summary and Costs

Here is a summary of the required components for both options detailed above

Option 1 - Logitech Yoke

Option 2 - Honeycomb Alpha Yoke

In addition to the above items, you will need to select the RealSimGear-TorqueSim SR22 aircraft for X-Plane 11.

A PC is required to run X-Plane 11/12 or MSFS.  We provide a great flight sim spec PC option that will be pre-configured to match your RealSimGear hardware.

For any questions about the Cirrus Perspective Package, please contact us

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