Setup for the RealSimGear G5 and or G500.

Setup guide for the RealSimGear G5 / G500.

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Updated: 6th October 2021 - RealSimGear G5 v2.0 software

The setup process for the G5's and G500's are quite simple.

  1. Connect the USB cable between the G5/G500 unit(s) and your PC.

  2. Connect the HDMI cable between your G5/G500 unit(s) and your PC.

  3. Connect the power cable to the G5/G500 unit(s). 

  4. Download and install the latest RealSimGear Plugin
    * X-Plane 11 - Windows Installer
    * X-Plane 11 - Mac

  5. Purchase, download and install the RealSimGear G5 software from HERE.
    Purchase, download and install the RealSimGear G500 software from HERE.

Your purchase of the G5 and or G500 software will install a copy of the Laminar 172 that has the G5 and or a G500 pre-installed. (X-plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\C172G5 or C172G500). You can then install the G5 or G500 into any other aircraft by using the aircraft installer program, located in the folder below:

Follow the prompts to complete the setup and install the G5 to other aircraft.

Setup the G5 / G500 for the RealSimGear Hardware

To have the G5 PFD and HSI or G500 show correctly on the RealSimGear displays, you will need to set the RSG hardware screens to '2D Panel Only' in the X-Plane graphics settings.  

Now, you will see the Cessna Skyhawk G5 or G500 version has been added as an available aircraft, select this aircraft and start a new flight.

When you first load the aircraft, you will need to enter your X-Aviation account details. If you are unable to authenticate your account, load the default Cessna 172 (no G5) and enter your X-Aviation account details there, then re-load the 172 G5 version.

In our RSG Device Interface you can test the functions of the buttons and knobs.
*If the wrong unit is set to PFD or HSI, click the 'Device Type' buttons to make the correct selection. (*G5 Only)

Both G500 unit or G5 units should now automatically populate the RSG hardware displays.
**G5 only, if the PFD and HSI are appearing on the wrong screens, they can be easily swapped using the 'RSG G5' plugin menu.

Configure Aircraft Autopilot

This is an optional step, but some users have reported better results when adjusting the setting below in PlaneMaker. Open PlaneMaker from your X-Plane 11 folder, then open the aircraft you wish to use the G5 with.

Change the 'Pre-configured Autopilot' from the STec 55 to GFC700, also check the AP heading is set to 'AHRS' and the checkbox is ticked for 'Auto adjust CDI to GPS DTK' in the instruments section.

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