Flight 1 Technologies now support the RealSimGear G1000 suite (PFD, MFD, and Audio Panel), and have embedded the RealSimGear Add-on directly into their G1000 Student Pro software.  If you only plan on using Flight 1 software with the RealSimGear G1000, you only need to purchase, download, install and configure the Flight 1 G1000 Student Pro software as outlined below.

** Please note: RealSimGear does not sell nor support the Flight 1 G1000 Student Pro, but is providing these basic setup instructions as it pertains to the use of RealSimGear hardware.  Any questions relating to installation, configuration, or support, should be directed to Flight 1.

  1. Ensure the RealSimGear G1000 hardware is connected to your PC via USB, HDMI and power cables

  2. If your G1000 was shipped after 4/1/2020, you will need to download and install the RealSimGear USB drivers.  Simply download the file, click it from your browser download section (or find in 'Downloads' and double click to run).  It will install the necessary RealSimGear USB drivers.

  3. Purchase, download, and install the Flight 1 G1000 Student Pro software

  4. Once the Flight 1 G1000 Student Pro (version 1.71 or later) is installed, along with the required network modules and aircraft installs (refer the Flight 1 website for assistance) , start G1000 Student Pro and configure as follows

  • Choose the "Display Options" tab and configure the settings.

  • (1) Select the PFD and MFD in the Show Window section

  • (2) For each of the PFD and MFD, choose the display that corresponds to your RealSimGear screen configuration

  • (3) Uncheck the Show Bezel selections for both PFD and MFD

  • (4) Adjust the size and position as necessary for the PFD and MFD to fit your RealSimGear hardware

  • From the "Hardware" tab, select "RealSimGear 1000"

     4. Start P3Dv4 and select one of the Flight 1 aircraft, start a flight

5. From the Flight 1 Control Panel, choose the "General" tab, enter the IP address of the P3Dv4 computer (or click Refresh), highlight that entry (may be, and choose  "Connect" button at the bottom of the screen.  This will connect the Flight 1 G1000 Student Pro to P3Dv4 and allow the RealSimGear hardware to control the G1000.

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