The TBM package should arrive in one large box and will normally have all of the RealSimGear hardware mounted into the panel and pedestal.

There are a few final assembly steps necessary to be performed by the customer.

Assembly Steps
Final assembly will require access to the bottom of the main panel.  It is suggested you perform the final assembly on a large, flat surface where the main panel can be laid on its back.  Please protect the panel and its components when laid on its back.

  1. Install the customer supplied yoke into the panel by sliding the yoke into the yoke slot, locating and installing the appropriate attachment screws from the bottom of the panel, up and into the bottom of the yoke.

  2. Install the customer supplied throttle quadrant by attaching the quadrant to the pedestal using the supplied screws.

  3. Attach the pedestal to the main panel using the 6 supplied screws.  Pedestal will sit on top of the main panel extension, screws should go in from the top, with nuts on the bottom side.

  4. Once assembled, set the main panel upright and position as necessary to fit your cockpit.  Of note, once assembled, there is very little clearance between the back side of the LDG/FLAP/ECS panel and desktop, so it is recommended your mounting surface is 1/2" or less to allow for the bottom of the main panel to completely sit on the desktop, while not extending past the desktop.

  5. Route the ribbon cables from the LDG/FLAP/ECS box as well as USB cables for same and GCU, up and under the pedestal and main panel (the rubber feet on the bottom of the main panel should allow for enough clearance so as to not damage the cables.  The result, is those 4 cables should be present on the back side of the main panel.  Alternately you can simply run those 4 cables around or to the side of the main panel.

  6. Securely attach the main panel and pedestal to your desktop by either directly screwing through the provided holes into the desktop, or utilize the yoke clamp mechanism to securely hold the main panel against the desktop.  Be careful not to damage the ribbon and UBB cables, if routed between desktop and panel bottom.

  7. The TBM panel ships with a USB hub attached to the back side of the main panel.  Using the supplied USB cables, connect each of the 5 USB cables to the USB hub.  Also connect the 5vDC power supply to the USB hub.

  8. Route and attach the two ribbon cables, the larger 40 pin cable will connect to the upper switch panel on the upper left side of the main panel.  The smaller 10 pin cable connects to the icing panel on the lower left side of the main panel.

  9. Connect the PFD and MFD (using customer supplied HDMI cables) to your PC.

  10. Connect the 12vDC power supplies to each of the PFD and MFD.

Once assembled, you will need to install the X-Plane plugin, the TBM requires or higher.  During the installation process, simply choose "RealSimGear Other Hardware" as the product option.

Finally, configure the Hotstart TBM screens and custom CommandMapping to utilize the new hardware.

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