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Assembly Guide for RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package
Assembly Guide for RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package

This article covers the main setup steps for the RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package

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The RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package includes the following components

  • G1000 PFD and MFD (Each contains x1 USB cable, x1 power pack, x1 HDMI 90 degree adapter)

  • The GCU Stack components will arrive in their own boxes, each with a supplied USB cable (GCU47X, GFC700, GMA350)

  • The GCU Stack Bracket (with x12 M3 screws for securing the above components)

  • x2 G1000 PFD/MFD Mounting Brackets

  • FlightDeck Mounting Plate

  • Mounting hardware kit


First, assemble the GCU components into the GCU bracket.  It's a good idea to connect the USB cable to the component before screwing it in place.

Repeat the process for the other GCU components.

Take the FlightDeck plate, flip it over and place on a flat surface.  Note the threaded studs on the FlightDeck top surface, so sit the FlightDeck on the boxes that come with your package.

The GCU bracket fits to the front of the FlightDeck plate.  Invert the GCU bracket and secure it in place using x4 M4 screws.

If you are using a Logitech Throttle Quadrant, assemble this with the provided Logitech mounting bracket.

The throttle unit attaches via the threaded holes provided at the base of the GCU bracket.  If you wish to mount the throttle centrally, use the holes shown below.

Next, attach the Logitech Throttle Quadrant to the bottom of the GCU Stack with x4 M4 screws that were included with the Logitech Throttle.

Next, position your yoke onto your desk and remove x2 of the screws.

Place the FlightDeck (now with the GCU bracket attached) on top of the yoke and line up the mounting holes along the front of the FlightDeck.

Secure the FlightDeck to the yoke by re-inserting the screws you just removed.

Secure your yoke to the dekstop using the provide yoke mounting bracket that come with your yoke.

Take the G1000 PFD and MFD, connect the cables and HDMI adapter and thread the cables through the bracket.  Then, secure the G1000 PFD and MFD into the frames using the M3 screws that were included with the G1000 brackets. (note the image below shows x2 USB cables from an older model)

Place the PFD (with it's bracket) onto the FlightDeck, aligning with the provided studs as shown below.

Secure in place using x4 wing nuts.

There are two sets of holes provided for mounting the MFD, select the set of holes on an angle to position the MFD like it is shown below.

Line up and the holes and secure the MFD in place using x4 thumb screws and wing nuts.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective Package is now fully assembled.

The next step is to configure your PC, see the link below for details on the general G1000 setup guide.

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