When using P3D v3 (not supported in v4 due to Mindstar compatibility) combined with the Mindstar G1000 avionics suite (Advanced or Pro versions) and the Carenado SR22T or the Eaglesoft SR22, full compatibility with the RealSimGear Cirrus Perspective is obtained.

Please note, due to an incompatibility between the RealSimGear Add-on and the Mindstar software, the LED's are using the native P3Dv3 SimConnect events.  As such, some of the LED's may not function or may behave a bit strangely.

The steps to install and configure are as follows (assuming you have already purchased, downloaded, and installed the Carenado SR22T or Eaglesoft SR22):

  1. Purchase and install the Mindstar G1000 avionics software per their instructions

  2. Download and run the RealSimGear Installer for FSX/P3D

After installation you should have a RealSimGear folder as shown below:

4. Download and copy the custom MindStar (G1000.ini) configuration file to C:\Program Files x86\Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons.  This file contains an entire section that maps Mindstar commands to the appropriate RealSimGear action.  If you have previously modified the G1000.ini file, please compare your version with the version you just downloaded.  Otherwise, make a backup copy of the G1000.ini file present, and simply copy the file you downloaded above to the Mindstar installation folder.

5. Locate the SR22 aircraft folder within P3D, and make a copy of the panel folder it contains (suggest panel-orig) (the Carenado SR22 is shown as an example)

6. Download and copy the custom Panel.cfg  file and copy it to the panel folder (overwrite the existing file)

7. Start P3D and load the one of the Carenado SR22T variations

8. On the first start, P3D will prompt you to trust and accept the RealSimGear plugin, make sure to allow and trust it
9. From the Instrument menu item, scroll down and choose PFD

  • This will start loading the Mindstar PFD

10. From the instrument menu item, scroll down and choose MFD

  • This will start loading the Mindstar MFD

11. Once both are loaded, you can right click on each, and choose “Undock Window”

12. Drag each of the PFD and MFD to the RealSimGear G1000 screens and resize as appropriate to fill the screens

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