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Using Arduino IDE to Debug RealSimGear Hardware
Using Arduino IDE to Debug RealSimGear Hardware

This is a quick tutorial on installing and configuring the Arduino IDE in order to debug the RealSimGear hardware.

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  1. In a browser, go to and download the Arduino IDE, latest version (use the Windows Installer or Zip file, not the Windows app).

  2. Extract/run the installer to install the Arduino IDE

  3. Start the Arduino IDE, and from the Tools menu, choose Board and select "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560

  4. From the Tools menu, choose Port and select the port that shows a Mega 2560 connected (and note the COM port number)

  5. From the Tools menu, choose Serial Monitor, this will open up a new screen.

  6. If the screen starts spitting out unintelligible stuff, go to the bottom right and change the baud to 115200

  7. When you have the screen scrolling a message that says, in part, RealSimGear, can you take a screen shot to be used during troubleshooting (you can uncheck the scrolling box to stop it from scrolling).

This process helps aid in the following:

  1. Is the RealSimGear hardware communicating with the PC

  2. What firmware version the RealSimGear hardware running

You would expect to see a message that looks similar to this:

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