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Compact G1000 Home Simulator Setup
Compact G1000 Home Simulator Setup

This article covers the details for all the components shown in this typical home sim setup.

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G1000 Home Trainer

This setup is perfect for practicing with the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit where the focus is more on procedural training rather than visual flying.

Components List

RealSimGear G1000 Suite
Our G1000 suite includes the PFD, MFD and audio panel.

RealsimGear Desktop Stand
This is a compact way to mount the RealSImGear G1000 on your desktop.

CH Products Eclipse Yoke
This yoke is a good choice because it contains all of the necessary items (throttle, rudder, flaps, trim wheel) in a single package.  The feel of the yoke is good with minal dead-zone. This makes it very compact, easy to pack away and only requires a single USB connection, at $189 this is very good value

40" 1080p TV
In our example setup, we have used a spare 40" TV.  You will notice much better visuals if you use a newer, 100Hz 4K TV or PC monitor.

Gaming PC
We recommend the X-Force PC range of pre-built PC's for flight simulation.  The prices are very reasonable and they offer excellent service.  For this setup we recommend this Compact Flight Sim PC System for $1895.  This system, when used with X-Plane 11, and our G1000 hardware will provide 60+FPS right out of the box.

iPad Pro 9.7" with Foreflight alows you to practice as you would in the real aircraft.  X-Plane sends your aircraft position and speed right to the ipad screen.  Take a look at this guide from Foreflight on how to set this up.

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