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GTN650 and GTN750 Gen2 Setup Guide for X-Plane
GTN650 and GTN750 Gen2 Setup Guide for X-Plane

Setup instructions for the RealSimGear GTN Devices in X-Plane 11 and/or X-Plane 12

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023

Package Inclusions

  • One: Quick Start Guide.

  • One: RealSimGear GTN650 or GTN750.

  • One: 12V 2.0 Amp DC Power Adapter with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector. (North America socket pattern).

  • One: USB A to B cable .

  • One: 90 Degree HDMI adapter (included with the GTN650 only).

  • Four: M3 Self-tapping screws for plastic to secure your device to an appropriate desktop stand.

Before You Start

Before you begin the setup of your RealSimGear GTN 750 or GTN 650, you will need to complete the following items before connecting the device to your computer:

Install the RealSimGear Plugin

You will need to download and install the current version of the RealSimGear Plugin for X-Plane 11 and/or X-Plane 12.

Note: You will not need to install the optional touch screen drivers.

Install 3rd party GTN software

If you have not done so already, you will need to purchase, download, and install the Reality-XP GTN Avionics software for either the GTN750, GTN650 or Both devices.

Mounting your GTN to a RealSimGear Desktop Stand

The RealSimGear GTN 650 and GTN 750 can be mounted in a number of ways. The most common method of mounting will be through the use of a RealSimGear Desktop Stand (Sold Separately).

Included with your RealSimGear GTN, will be a small plastic bag containing four, M3 self-tapping screws. These four screws will be used to secure the GTN to the stand in the four holes depicted in the images below:

Note: Install the screws with a hand screwdriver (#2 Phillips Head). Overtightening the screws can strip the mounting holes or effect operation of the devices.

GTN 650

GTN 750

The images above show the GTN devices being mounted in a single device mount. If you have purchased a GTN combination mount, the method of installation will be the same, as the cutout patterns in the combo stands are the same as the single device stands.

Connect the cables (Covers both the GTN750 and GTN650)

Connect the cables in the following order:

  1. USB A to USB B: Connect the square Type B connector to the back of the GTN and the rectangular Type A connector to an available USB port on your PC or Powered USB hub.  

  2. HDMI: You will need to supply one HDMI cable (not included with the GTN), to connect from the GTN to your PC's graphics card or RealSimGear USB3 to Dual HDMI Adapter. If you are connecting directly to the graphics card, it is acceptable to use a good quality DisplayPort to HDMI cable.
    Note for GTN650 Customers: You can use the 90 degree HDMI connection to allow proper cable management with the side mounted HDMI port.

  3. 12 Volt DC Power: Plug the barrel connector into the GTN unit, then plug the adapter into an available wall outlet.
    For international customers: you can use an outlet adapter to adapt the North American plug style to your local plug style. Additionally you can also purchase a dedicated DC adapter to your plug style from a local electronics retailer.
    Note for GTN650 Customers: The DC power port is located on the side of the GTN unit below the HDMI connector.

    Note: The spare USB Type A connector on the GTN750 (above and to the left of the HDMI port) is not used. Please refrain from plugging anything into this port.

Configuring the Display and Touch Screen

With your GTN now connected to your PC and powered on, you will need to configure the screen settings and let Windows know that these devices have a touch screen.

We have created a full guide on the process and steps needed to fully configure the display and touch screen in the article linked in the button below.

Note for the GTN650 Customers: Unlike the GTN750, you will not need to flip the display in Windows Display Properties. You will only need to set the (Recommended) display size which is 1920 x 1080 in Windows Display Properties, before activating your touch screen.

With the display configured and your touch screen mapped with Windows Tablet PC Settings you are now ready to proceed to X-Plane and the RealSimGear Plugin and RealityXP GTN Avionics software.

Simulator Use

• By default, the GTN750 will appear as COM/NAV1 and the GTN650 as COM/NAV2 in the connected devices window of the RealSimGear Plugin/Add-on. When you turn the knobs or press a button, the ‘message’ and ‘command’ sections will change accordingly.

Note: If the GTN650/750 buttons and knobs are not working, please check to make sure the device shows up in the RealSimGear Plugin/Add-on Connected Device interface and that you have selected the correct GTN Device Type that matches how you have configured the Reality-XP.

  • GTN 1 = Device Type COM1

  • GTN 2 = Device Type COM2

For more information on the Reality XP Set-up process for X-plane 11 and X-Plane 12, click here for the GTN 650/750 X-Plane 11 Complete Install [Video] (Skip the setup and calibration portion) The video demonstrates the setup of RealityXP on the GTN750, but the same methods are used for the GTN650 as well.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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