Note for Windows users, this version of the plugin only supports 64 bit operating systems.  For any Windows version older than Windows 7, you will need to use an older version of the plugin.  Please contact RealSimGear for more information.

Download the plugin using the button below, then extract this to the X-Plane plugin folder.
Note, you should remove the old version of the plugin before installing this new version.

The plugin folder is located at the following path, note that the specific location may vary if you have installed X-Plane into a different location on your PC.  


After installation, your plugin folder should look like this.  If only using Laminar aircraft and avionics, the CommandMapping.ini file should be in the root of the RealSimGear plugin folder as shown below.

However, this version of the plugin now allows for aircraft specific CommandMapping.ini files.  Simply modify the files as necessary and place those CommandMapping.ini files in the root of the specific aircraft folder.  This plugin will attempt to use those files first, and then fall back to the generic version if nothing specific is found.

For users of older GNS430 and GNS530 units, this plugin may no longer detect those units.  If that is the case, please update the GNS430/530 firmware by following the GNS430 or GNS530 update instructions.

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