The RealSimGear G1000 PFD and MFD are generally compatible with all

X-Plane aircraft using the Laminar G1000, however many aircraft developers have chosen to further customize the bezel and/or screen contents but have failed to provide for an easy way to pop out the screens so they can be used with RealSimGear hardware.

To address this issue we have developed a plugin that provides a borderless pop-out (no bezel and no title bar) on RealSimGear G1000 hardware units. This is an updated method for Version 3 which is even easier than the previous Version 2.

Currently this custom Plugin is available for the following aircraft (click on the link to download the Plugin for each aircraft):


  • When these are built it is against a specific version of the above aircraft. If the developer updates the aircraft, that may break this plugin. If that happens, please let us know via our RealSimGear support site and we will update as necessary.

  • These Plugins work on both the Windows and Mac versions of X-Plane 11.5x

  • These Plugins REQUIRE the use of the RealSimGear Plugin, version 1.5 or better to properly function.

  • These Plugins will REQUIRE the presence of at least one RealSimGear G1000 hardware unit, or the plugin will NOT work.

  • Version 3 of this plugin requires you are running 1024*768 resolution on your G1000 (the default) in order to detect those screens. If you happen to have other screens set to 1024*768, the plugin may detect and use these in error.


1. Download the <aircraft name>.zip from the link above and save it to a location easy to find.

2. If you were already using version 2 of this plugin, remove the existing 'rsg_pop' folder from the aircraft/plugins folder.

3. Unzip the file downloaded above, which will produce an 'rsg_pop' folder. Copy this entire folder to the plugins folder found inside the aircraft folder. Shown below is an example for the Aerobask DA62.


Version 3 makes use of the 2D Panel graphics settings which is a bit different than Version 2.

1. Start X-Plane and from the main menu, choose Settings and then the Graphics tab. Find the screens that correspond to your RealSimGear G1000 screens and set each one to "2D Panel Only" and then Done.

2. Load the aircraft. This "should" by default identify the RealSimGear screens and auto size and place the custom pop-outs without any user intervention.

If for some reason your PFD and MFD are reversed on the physical RSG screens, move your mouse to the lower right corner of either screen, you will see a new icon show up. Right click when this icon is showing and the PFD/MFD will flip.

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