The RealSimGear Garmin Trainer Interface Software allows you to use RealSimGear hardware to control some versions of the Garmin Trainer PC software. Note that you must purchase and install a copy of the Garmin PC Trainer software from Garmin directly.

Currently, the RealSimGear Garmin Trainer Interface works with the following versions of the Garmin PC Trainer Software:


Download the RealSimGear Garmin Trainer Interface using the link below. Once downloaded, run the installer and this will place the software onto your PC. Note, you must have the Garmin PC Trainer installed before you complete this step.

Once installed, the software can be run by double clicking the icon in the folder that was added.

When the program starts, it will search for your connected RealSimGear hardware. Your RealSImGear hardware must be connected before starting. If you wish to use a joystick and throttle, also make sure these are connected before starting the program.

Once the list is populated with your hardware, click the 'Start' button. If one of your hardware items is missing, check the USB cable connections.

A window will appear like the one below. Follow the instructions shown. If the 'PFD' image is shown on the PFD click 'Yes'. If not, click 'No'.

The Garmin Trainer will now be showing on the RealSimGear hardware.

Joystick and Throttle Setup

If you wish to use a joystick and throttle with the Garmin Trainer, these can be setup within the Garmin Trainer itself. Click the 'Joystick Settings' button to take you to the Garmin Trainer joystick settings page. This will allow you to map the joystick pitch and roll axis, as well as the throttle to the trainer.

A shortcut to the Garmin Trainer 'Simulate Failures' settings is also provided. You can use this to simulate various system failures.

For a full description of the operation of the Garmin PC Trainer software, please refer to the help documentation provided with the trainer itself.

Please contact us at if you have any other questions.

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