The RealSimGear G5 units come from the factory pre-loaded to act as either an ASI or HSI.  If you purchased the set, make sure you have them arranged properly with the ASI on top and HSI on bottom.

The setup process for the G5's is quite simple

  1. Connect the USB cable between the G5 unit(s) and your PC.

  2. Connect the HDMI cable between your G5 unit(s) and your PC.

  3. Connect the power cable to the G5 unit(s). 

  4. Download and install the RealSimGear Plugin
    * X-Plane 11 - Windows Installer
    * X-Plane 11 - Mac

  5. Purchase, download and install the AFM G5 software from HERE.

The G5 instrument can be added to any aircraft in X-Plane 11.  To do this, run the aircraft installer program and select the folder for the aircraft you wish to install the G5 to.

Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

Setup the G5 for the RealSimGear Hardware

To have the G5 PFD and HSI show correctly on the RealSimGear G5 display, you will need to edit the AFM G5 configuration file to specify the location of each screen.  

Configure the G5 displays like the image below, where the PFD is display #2 and the HSI is display #3.  Note if you have the PFD only, please disregard the steps relating to the HSI.

Now take note of the resolution of your primary display.  In this example we are using a single, 4K primary display so the resolution is 3840x2160.

We need to provide the co-ordinates of the lower left corner of the PFD and HSI display, as measured from the lower left corner of the primary display.  The resolution of the G5 display is 640 x 480, so we need to add/subtract this to the primary display resolution.

In the above example we find the PFD location by using the same X co-ordinate as the primary display and subtracting 480 from the primary display Y co-ordinate.  For the HSI we add 640 to the primary display X co-ordinate and subtract 480.

Locate the G5 configuration file.  This is located in the plugins folder of the aircraft, look for the G5/Settings folder.  Open the file 'acfConfig.cfg' using notepad or any text file editor.

Find the lines in the config file that start with 'g5_nbzl_....'.  The '_a' lines refer to the PFD and the '_b' lines refer to the HSI.  Add the co-ordinates in that were calculated earlier.

Also, change the setting for 'g5_nbzl_open_at_launch_a/b' to '=1' so that the G5's open automatically each time the aircraft is loaded.

Save and close the configuration file.  When you start X-Plane and load this aircraft, the G5 PFD and HSI should load onto the RealSimGear G5 screens.

We understand this process is a little tricky, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, we are here to help so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Configure Aircraft Autopilot

This is an optional step, but some users have reported better results when adjusting the setting below in PlaneMaker. Open PlaneMaker from your X-Plane 11 folder, then open the aircraft you wish to use the G5 with.

Change the 'Pre-configured Autopilot' from the STec 55 to GFC700, also check the AP heading is set to 'AHRS' and the checkbox is ticked for 'Auto adjust CDI to GPS DTK' in the instruments section.

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