Please note that currently RealSimGear devices require the use of additional third party software in order to operate with FSX.  The following software is tested and does work with our products.


If using a G1000 and it was shipped after 4/1/2020, you will need to download and install the RealSimGear USB drivers.  Simply download the file, click it from your browser download section (or find in 'Downloads' and double click to run).  It will install the necessary RealSimGear USB drivers.

There are currently two separate versions of the plugin depending on which version of FSX you are using.  Please download one of the links below (note FSX Boxed/Deluxe edition must at SP2 or Acceleration pack to use the RealSimGear Add-on).

Update the FSX configuration file

Next, you will need to locate a configuration file for FSX.  This is done by opening a Windows Explorer window and typing '%AppData%' into the address bar, then press enter.

The window will now show the 'AppData\Roaming' folder contents.  Locate the folder named 'Microsoft', then the folder named 'FSX'

In this folder locate a file called 'exe.xml' and open this with a text editor.  Edit the file so it contains the text below.  Note, the text in bold below should be changed to match the folder where you unzipped the RealSimGear folder contents.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>

<SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0">

Save the file.

For FSX Boxed Edition

In this folder see if there is a file called 'exe.xml' and open and edit it using the steps above. If the 'exe.xml' file does not exist, just copy the example file included with the RealSimGear plugin but you will still need to modify the <Path> section with the folder location where you unzipped the RealSimGear plugin folder.

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