Please note that currently RealSimGear devices require additional third party software in order to operate with P3D.  The following software is tested and does work with our products.


If using a G1000 and it was shipped after 4/1/2020, you will need to download and install the RealSimGear USB drivers.  Simply download the file, click it from your browser download section (or find in 'Downloads' and double click to run).  It will install the necessary RealSimGear USB drivers.

Download the appropriate add-on using the button below. 

Extract this to the P3D Add-Ons folder.  Note please make sure you copy this to the correct version of P3D if you have multiple versions installed.  The folder is usually located in your 'Documents' folder.

..\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Add-ons OR
..\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons

After installation, your Add-Ons folder should look like this with the RealSimGear folder shown (there may be other folders there as well):

After you extracted the RealSimGear folder per above, you DO NOT need to run the RealSimGear.exe file, when you start P3D, it will run that file.

Go ahead and load up P3D, on the first run, you should get 2-3 prompts about RealSimGear, 1) asking if its OK to load the RealSimGear Add-on, 2) may be a security type prompt asking if you trust the RealSimGear, and 3) a prompt asking you to remember RealSimGear for future.  You should accept or say yes to all 3 prompts.

Once P3D loads, go ahead and load an aircraft.  When it loads, you should now have an Add-on menu in the top menu bar.  Select that and there will be a RealSimGear entry.  Select that entry which should open up the Connected Device window and you should see entries there corresponding to the RealSimGear hardware you are working with.

Using Reality-XP?
Follow THESE additional steps for configuring Reality-XP.

Using Mindstar?
For the Mindstar G1000, follow THESE steps.
For the Mindstar GNS430/530, follow THESE steps.

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