If you are using P3D, this is easy.  Simply drag the 430/530/650/750/1000 screen to your RealSimGear device and then maximize the window.  Now go back to your primary display and enter full screen mode.  This will hide the white bar from the RealSimGear display.

In X-Plane, a couple of extra steps are required to align the RealSimGear display.  Don't worry though as X-Plane will remember the location for the next time you start your sim. You may find this process much easier if you move your taskbar to either the left or right side of your screen. The taskbar creates a snap point which makes hiding the white bar difficult on some systems.

Follow these steps, or check out the videos below.

  • Click the center of the GPS screen to pop out the window
  • Click the small rectangle at upper right of the popped out window to detach it
  • Drag the window approximately to the RealSimGear device screen
  • Drag the left and right edges to align with the RealSimGear display
  • Make the window taller
  • Drag the window down to align to the bottom edge of the RealSimGear display
  • Drag the top edge to make it shorter, then without letting go of the mouse button drag up so the top edge is just a few pixels above the edge of the RealSimGear display
  • Click in the main window

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