NOTE: If you are using FSX or P3D, skip the X-Plane plugin portion and go directly to the Firmware Update section.

X-Plane ONLY section:

Please note that you may also need to update your X-Plane plugin to work correctly with this updated firmware version.  The latest version of the X-Plane plugin can be downloaded using the button below.
Also note, you should remove the old version of the plugin before installing this new version.

Firmware Update Section:


  1. Download the latest (v2.2) GNS530 device firmware here
  2. Open the XLoader program.  Download the program XLoader here if not already installed
  3. Use Xloader to load the firmware onto the GNS530.  (select the HEX file downloaded in step 1, select the appropriate COM port for the GNS530 (usually the bottom entry in the COM port drop down box), device as MEGA 2560, Baud default at 115200
  4. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable

Mac OS

  1. Download the latest (v2.2) GNS530 device firmware here
  2. Download and unzip the ‘Hex Uploader’ app for Mac OS here
  3. Open the Hex Uploader app, and set the ‘Arduino Type’ to MEGA 2560.
  4. Connect the GNS530 by USB
  5. Select the ‘Serial Port’ to the GNS530, usually called ‘usbmodem1411’
  6. Leave the baud rate at 115200
  7. Click ‘Upload a Hex file, and select the GNS530 device firmware you downloaded in step 1
  8. The process is complete when you see text appear in the window on the right, and the words ‘avrdude done.  Thank you’
  9. Disconnect and then reconnect the GNS530

Want your GNS530 setup as COM/NAV 2?

Please contact us for instructions on how to set your GNS530 as NAV2.

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